Communication Systems and Facilites Lab

Core activities

  • Developing regulations that set requirements to the means of mobile and fixed telecommunications
  • Development and implementation of technical requirements and test methods of mobile and fixed telecommunications
  • Design of systems and radio networks (cellular, trunking, mobile, radio relay systems, high-density data)
  • Analysis of telecommunication devices, means of land mobile telecommunications and the development of recommendations on improvement of telecommunication networks, radio and television broadcasting in the Republic of Belarus
  • R&D in the spheres of development, production, implementation and testing of telecommunications systems and means
  • Design, manufacture and testing of telecommunications systems devices
  • Development of regulatory documents on data protection in the field of telecommunications, etc

Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory has modern equipment and conducts testing activities in the field of television and audio broadcasting. The laboratory performs testing of the following equipment:

  • DVB receivers;
  • DVB transmitting equipment;
  • DVB coding and multiplexing equipment;
  • cable television distribution networks equipment;
  • head-end stations with devices for forming, composition, amplification and conversion of cable television radio signals;
  • optical interfaces of telecommunication equipment;
  • digital television interfaces.

Communication Systems and Devices Laboratory performs technical appraisal of analog and digital television and audio broadcasting equipment. The laboratory is responsible for documentation development for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, DAB, DRM, etc. and provides consulting services in equipment selection.

Technical Information Protection Sector is responsible for information security. It operates under the license of Operational and Analytical Centre of the Republic of Belarus.

Technical Information Protection Sector perform a full range of certification activities (conformity certificates can be issued):

  • appraisal and examination of security level;
  • research into technical means of information leakage (TEMPEST);
  • research into technical means of speech information leakage;
  • premises and equipment inspection on eavesdropping devices, CCTV devices, etc.;
  • consultation in protection devices selection, acquisition and installation;
  • implementation of information security systems.

Technical Information Protection Sector estimates restriction zones for radio transmission facilities.