EMC Lab performs tests:

  • radio equipment of all categories and purposes in accordance with the requirements of TR 2018/024 / BY, including radio modules that are part of other equipment;
  • equipment defined by the scope of accreditation, both for industrial and domestic purposes, subject to TR CU 020/2011 (on electromagnetic compatibility);
  • radio equipment (radio modules GSM, UMTS) in emergency response systems in case of accidents in accordance with TR CU 018/2011;
  • determination of signal levels in the receiving path of test hardware and software complexes of cellular mobile telecommunication systems.

EMC Lab has the technical and intellectual capabilities for solving non-standard problems in electromagnetic compatibility and in the field of radio spectrum. These include:

  • measurement of parameters of radio equipment and antennas;
  • solving research problems on the impact of radio equipment with new technologies on the existing radio infrastructure.

The test application is submitted in electronic format using the link.

Attention! Documents with a technical description of the product and other necessary documents should be attached in the column «Documents attached to the application».

An electronic application is drawn up and submitted separately for each sample. If the sample is checked according to TR 2018/024 / BY and TR CU 020/2011 (TR CU 004/2011), two applications are filled in and submitted - one for each of the technical regulations.

For non-standard and research work, the application is filled in paper form directly in the laboratory, where the full scope of work is discussed and recorded.

The basis for the performance of work on the application is the contract signed by the customer.


The scheme of customer’s actions during testing at EMC LAB


Do you have any questions? Call us:

  • On the cost, volume and procedure of testing:

Mr. Demjanjuk Dmitry (Head of EMC Laboratory)
(+375 17) 293 81 15,

  • On issues of acceptance and delivery of equipment, readiness of test reports:

Mrs. Kandratyeva Nadezhda
(+375 17) 293 81 35,

 Laboratory address: Surganov Str. 24 (c. 413), Minsk, 220012, Republic of Belarus

Tel: (+ 375 17) 293 81 15
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